The Foothill Water Coalition’s flagship program is known as the Water Supply Reliability Program (WSRP). The WSRP will benefit more than 2 million residents in the Southern California foothill area by:

• Modernizing water supply systems by storing them underground for future use.
• Making local systems more reliable by diversifying water sources.
• Improving water quality by adding higher quality water to each foothill basin.
• Enhancing the efficiency and reliability of regional water delivery.


The Alosta Connection:
This interconnection would diversify water supplies, allowing for more flexibility and reliability in water delivery. It would connect the Metropolitan Water District’s Foothill Feeder to a pipeline in San Dimas, allowing for water delivery either from the State Water Supply in Northern California or from the Colorado River.

The Raymond Feeder:
This pipeline would expand existing water supplies to more communities in the area. The proposed pipeline would stretch 14 miles, beginning with a connection to the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District’s facilities in Azusa, traveling through the Raymond Basin and ending in Pasadena.

Eastside Emergency Connections:
These connections would provide a second source of water to Eastern Region water treatment plants, improving water reliability during water shutdowns.

An Area-Wide Reconnaissance Study:
This effort will provide for an investigational study for enhancing existing spreading basins and optimizing artificial groundwater recharge into the Raymond, Main San Gabriel, Six Basins and Chino groundwater basins.

Alhambra-Monterey Park Branch Pipeline Feasibility Study:
The study will look into the feasibility of providing an additional water source to the Alhambra area by extending the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District’s delivery system. The system would extend south to the Alhambra, San Gabriel and Monterey Park area and alleviate the impacts of groundwater production in the “Alhambra Pumping Hole”—an area with limited replenishment and facilities for direct recharge located in the Main San Gabriel Basin.

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